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From training to onboarding, the experience was fantastic. I discovered a lot of new information. Big codes scared me, but I believe low code was something I was looking for in my life. As a result, I began my six-month internship. I was the only one in my batch for the first three months of training, so learning was slow but effective. When I was moved to the leading group, however, I met many people from whom I quickly learned a lot of things. So, after four months of training, I was transferred to Mendix, where I knew and liked the new technology. And I was the best student in my class. So, six months into my internship, I conducted my first interview., but it did not go well. I corrected the mistakes I made in the second interview and got selected.

Sundeep Malik
Symbiosis, Pune

For me, training is a wonderful experience. My senior managers will always guide and influence me. When I’m stuck, they’re always willing to help. They also taught me how to solve problems and respond to questions in a very effective manner. As a result, it turned out to be quite enjoyable.

Parminder Singh
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

Omnepresent is a great place for newcomers to get involved and gain valuable experience. For freshers, this is a must-join company because it provides full-fledged expertise and challenges. Working here has been fantastic for me. During my training, I learned a lot of things.

Kundan Kumar
National Institute of Technology, Manipur

During my campus placement, I learned about Omnepresent. I was impressed by this company’s track record of success and decided to join it. From Day 1 to the present, I’ve had a fantastic experience. Here I got an opportunity to learn and explore many things. Also, this company helped me gain more confidence in talking to the public. All the people of this company are very helpful and ready to guide each other whenever needed.

Tanisha Mahendru
DAVIET, Jalandhar

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