Loan Portal

Streamline the loan process for your customers, and deliver a great digital CX using Mendix Loan Portal.

Loan Portal


Mendix can be used to develop a responsive web app for Loan Origination. The app guides customers through the loan process and provides an indicative loan repayment calculator. The potential customer selects the loan’s purpose from a list, as well as the loan advance and the number of repayments. Based on the provided values, the app provides an indicative APR and the computed monthly repayment. If the customer decides to move forward with the loan application, an account is created and personal and financial information is required. After a credit check, the application can be automatically accepted, rejected straight away, or forwarded to an agent.

Key Solution Capabilities

As a Customer

  • Calculate the potential cost of a loan using a loan calculator.

  • Onboard myself as a customer by completing a loan application using a wizard.

  • Receive confirmation of acceptance of a loan application.

  • Receive confirmation of rejection of a loan when the costs are too high.

  • Receive confirmation of the referral of a loan application when credit checks are not favourable.

  • Set up Bank Account details to receive a loan advance and set up direct debit.

Key Solution Capabilities Customer
Key Solution Capabilities as an Agent

As an Agent

  • Review outstanding loan applications which have been referred due to unfavourable credit check results.
  • After review either accept or reject the loan application.
Key Solution Capabilities as an Agent

As an Administrator

  • View brief details of onboarded loan applications.

  • View and maintain onboarded customers.

  • Configure the Loan Purposes list.

  • Configure the Loan Interest Rate Band list.

  • Perform a Reset of the Application.

Key Solution Capabilities as an Administrator

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