Our Core


2 out of 10 businesses succeed. We would like to increase this average with our offerings


Help organizations with exponential growth opportunities by making them OmnePresent


V-Co-Create by nurturing talent and innovation
- Value creation for all stakeholders
- Constant attention to stakeholders’ needs
- Innovative approaches to solve business challenges

What are we trying to achieve?

OmnePresent was founded as a result of a simple observation: only 2 out of 10 businesses succeed, and it was time to raise the bar! In this link (http://goo.gl/GTLudE), Forbes has mentioned five reasons for the same. If you take a closer look at them, they are all related to misalignment in Sales and Marketing departments. The idea behind an organization emerged with the hope that by providing our exponential growth services and solutions, we will raise the bar and help organizations become OmnePresent. With our integrated services and solutions, businesses can grow exponentially by attracting, helping, engaging and delighting customers by delivering great experiences that are relevant and personalized.
By doing what we do, we would one day increase the ratio of successful companies throughout the world.

Why do we exist?

Before we explain why do we exist, let’s understand Omnipresent, the current spelling (yes, we aim to replace it someday) means – widely or constantly encountered; widespread. We have replaced the letter ‘i’ with ‘e’ since all our offerings are related to making YOUR organization widely or constantly encountered; widespread – electronically.

OmnePresent is also aligned to our firm belief in abundance. We firmly believe there are plenty of opportunities for every organization. By leveraging the technologies at our hand, we help organizations grow and flourish exponentially.

How do we make this possible?

We all are a part of something big. This is possible only because of our core value: V-Co-Create.

V-Co-Create – the way of leading life at OmnePresent.

V-Co-Create by nurturing talent and innovation. Our team evolves on a daily basis by learning new technologies, new concepts, new trends and most importantly – nurture others by sharing knowledge. We use innovative means to tackle business challenges, thereby making it a very interesting, exciting and adventurous journey!

In the entire process, we create value for all stakeholders: Employees, Customers, Partners and Investors. They are the four pillars of our foundation. We ensure that we pay constant attention to our stakeholders’ needs.

Understanding OmnePresent

Raise your hand if you feel ultimate aims behind conducting any Marketing campaign would boil down to acquire more customers, exponential business growth, more (and better) leads for your sales teams, improved branding, more traffic to your website and top-of-the-mind-recall for your customers and prospects. You are not alone!

Now, raise your hand if you feel you are able to achieve all of the above from your marketing campaigns, while leveraging latest technologies, concepts, managing team attrition, preserving knowledge repository, understanding campaigns’ intelligence, and achieve consistent results. No hands up? Didn’t think so. As it turns out, very few businesses succeed (only 2 out of 10) by leveraging marketing in true sense of the word.

The problem is that there’s a major gap between how organizations are marketing and selling their offerings today — and how they truly can leverage marketing while optimizing costs!

Helping Businesses Run On A Level Playing Field

With the advent of social media, technologies (like: SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud; and Internet of Things (IOT)), mobile devices, search engines (local and global) and globalization – the market is a level playing field. Be it mammoth organizations, mid-sized companies, small firms or startups – they all have access to same kind of opportunities at their disposal.

If it’s a level playing field, then why aren’t so many businesses doing it? Why are so many businesses sitting on sidelines instead of leveraging the power of this transformation?

The reason is clear: it is too hard to get started!

With all the new developments, it’s just overwhelming for organizations to keep in pace with this change. On another hand, for a business it makes more sense to have laser-sharp-focus on their core-competency.
We wanted to play our part.

We started OmnePresent with one simple goal: help organizations with exponential growth opportunities.

Our Core As Competitive Advantage

We believe that people are most important asset for our organization. To achieve our vision and work with strong commitment towards our purpose, we attract and retain the best team members. We call them V-Co-Creators.

We work very hard towards making our clients successful. We take pride in our vision, purpose and our values are strongly embedded in our DNA.

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