Streamline the sales process, reduce costs, improve productivity and efficiency using Mendix Upsale solution.



Build an integrated mobile app solution using Mendix that helps your entire sales team to sell smarter. Using UpSale App you can quickly and conveniently display your catalog with images and descriptions, easily add and remove items to order, plus submit orders in real-time to your back office systems. It provides ERP access and can place orders directly into the ERP from anywhere, anytime.

Key Solution Capabilities

  • Real-time ERP integration

    The UpSale app can integrate in real-time with your ERP system giving you with real-time product details such as descriptions, stock levels, customer-specific pricing, as well as customer account information such as order history, statements, credit limits, and much more.

  • Online & Offline Functionality

    The UpSale app provides full functionality and access to product and customer account information and ordering both online and offline.

  • Real-Time Ordering

    Remote sales teams can access the digital catalog with product images, descriptions, stock availability, customer-specific pricing etc. and place orders directly into your ERP system.

  • In-App Contact Management

    It allows sales reps to quickly search their whole customer and prospect base and retrieve information and notes for each one in a matter of seconds.

Medix Upsale Key Solution Capabilities

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