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Reforming Legacies

Experts Modernizing Old Technology to Meet New-Age Demands.

Let Your Business Evolve

What’s holding you back? Stagnation? Inflexibility? Outdated systems? Let our modernization experts lend you a hand and lift you out of legacy systems with services that guide you right from strategizing and laying the groundwork to the execution of cutting-edge technology.

Modernize to Optimize

Services that drive enterprise-wide efficiency:

Application consultation

Application Modernization Consultation

Our modernization specialists assess your legacy applications, understand your needs by analyzing your code, and translate them into natural language. We then use this data and develop a strategy that can be implemented without causing disruption to your regular business.

Replatforming services

Replatforming Services

Based on your needs and preferences, we help you migrate to more efficient, advanced, and less costly platforms. Be it switching to mini or microservices, PaaS, or simply upgrading your existing systems, we’ve got your back.

Outsourced services

Outsourcing Services

Our experts have been doing this for years; and know the ins and outs of modernization like the back of their hands. If your dev team needs support from one or more of our experts, we’re more than happy to be at your service for as long as you like.

Infrastructure modernization

Infrastructure Modernization Services

Enhance organization efficiency and cut costs with modernized infrastructure that’s highly agile. Improve product development with cloud migration, CI/CD, and DevOps.

Modernize to Optimize

Let’s Talk Business

Business benefits of legacy modernization:

Why Us

Years of work experience
Successfully Completed projects
Clients around the world

Flow of Action

This is what our workflow looks like



  • Speculate over business requirements
  • Assess risk
  • Survey old systems


  • Define requirements
  • Goal-setting
  • Determine elements to focus on


  • Decide what to begin with
  • Evaluate criteria
  • Identifying high/low-risk elements
Launch prototype

Launch Prototype

  • Build a part of the system
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Focus on observations


  • Collect quantitative data of KPIs
  • Conduct surveys for actual users
  • Manage further route of action


  • Accelerate efforts in all areas
  • Training and development
  • Make improvements based on feedback

Technologies we deal into


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