Who can Build Apps

Who can build apps and what skills do you need to learn Mendix?

Anyone with clear thoughts and great ideas.

Mendix is designed in a very simple way so that anyone with great thoughts and ideas can build an application. If you are a student, any professional developer, skilled marketer, or business analyst, Mendix provides its resources. With the help of these resources, you can use your experience in an extremely effective way.

Many developers belong to .NET or Java background, but they also want to increase their productivity and use the repetitive processes so they can also switch to Mendix.

In some cases, if people are working for Finance, Marketing, Operations, and HR services, they are using Excel, Access, Salesforce, and many other things at once. These things impact their productivity. So, they can use Mendix Studio to build an application, increase productivity, and reuse repetitive features.

Business analysts and developers working for organizations can directly use Mendix Studio, review the projects and collaborate on an application. Mendix Studio is very user-friendly to use and operate. Also, it provides the tools to build the app without any prior programming experience or background.

If a user gets familiar with the Studio, they can also start using Mendix Studio Pro. It is used when a user wants to add some advanced features. Both of them share the same concepts and terminologies, which makes a collaborative experience.

For creating or working on an application, you require a technical touch to enhance your knowledge in app building. If you have skilled yourself and want to explore your idea in reality, just start developing an application. Mendix will help you with their resources like training, community takers, and learning paths.

Developers with a technical touch like Java, .NET, JavaScript, etc, can easily work with Mendix Studio and Studio Pro. If you have basic programming language knowledge with some additional classes and objects, the Rapid Developer course will take you to the next level.

If you are familiar with Java background, a course like Mobile App Development using Android will help you enhance the development with DnD (Drag and Drop) facility. As widgets in Mendix are made up of Java language, and there are so many widgets present at the marketplace, we can also make the widgets.

Mendix has its SQL database. We need to create or deploy our application then Mendix automatically creates database tables.

Mendix Ecosystem

At the time of Mendix’s establishment, Mendix developers created the Mendix Ecosystem. Mendix has its marketplace from where you can download and use the widgets, connectors, and modules required for building apps.

The Mendix Developer Portal is used for online project management. Here you can create new apps, manage existing apps, deploy the app on the cloud, and monitor apps performance.

Users can refer to this video link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGwEQF_p0fo&t=270s) to get familiar with an app-building in Mendix.

For beginner or advanced level people or a professional developer, Mendix Academy covers content for all learners. Mendix Academy fulfills all levels of skills. Mendix Community helps you to communicate with other developers. Here you can collect badges and points and you can expose your skills over here.

Mendix Forum is to resolve the issues and help to tackle the difficulties. Forum members or developers give speedy responses to solve issues. Among all these things, there is a support team established who will help if you are not getting a satisfactory resolution.

What Skills Does Anyone Need to Learn Mendix?

As mentioned earlier, all you need is a great idea and the time to get started – Mendix will help you do the rest. The skills with the knowledge of databases, process modeling, and coding will help, but this is not necessary to get started.

If you are not aware of the software development lifecycle, then also you can start with Mendix. As mentioned in Who can? We can expand the ideas with several backgrounds like different educational backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets.

Users can use any available programming skills to extend an app with customized code. For adding custom styling, we need UX/UI skills to add custom app styling. And some database skills to implement performance optimization.

Drag and Drop Support

As we have draggable and droppable widgets, we can enable drag and drop support on Mendix pages, also on touch devices.

The learning path provided by Mendix is beneficial to increase the development experience for UX designers and software developers. Community and Forum are working and participating actively and sharing their experience to solve issues, and they always provide great resources for learning new things.

While designing Mendix, consider the following core principles

Every custom development platform is based on three principles that make this vision reality:


As we can see, businesses are growing rapidly. To bridge the gap, we have to accelerate our speed and development skills.


The talent gap for software development is extending rapidly. Teaching programming to more people will not solve this as the gap is growing faster. So, what do we need? We need to involve the audience in software development. And the key behind that is Collaboration.


Focusing on enterprise applications is the motto of the Mendix platform. Speed and collaboration are easy for simple applications, but enterprise applications need to operate in a complex environment, and it is more difficult. As Mendix has inbuilt functionalities like Security, Performance, Scalability, etc., it means that business can be enabled while IT is in control.

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