Reduce the Backlog of IT Projects

Reduce the Backlog of IT Projects with OmnePresent’s Low-Code Expertise

IT backlogs have been a complicated issue for years, and the stress of recent global events has only exacerbated the situation.

Various low-code platforms promote the idea of relieving overburdened professional developers with citizen developers. Some platforms even encourage having a developer program. The theory is to move a large part of application development to users in each department. These citizen developers have little to 0 development experience, but because low-code is easy to learn, these users can, in theory, learn how to develop applications at an organisational level to supplement the IT department.

But do citizen developers eliminate backlogs? The question remains. With the additional responsibilities of supporting developers, IT will be tasked with additional duties they did not have before. So I ask the question, does utilizing developers truly eliminate backlogs? Is an application development approach that uses citizen developers an impressive and effective long-term business solution?

What Does the Project Backlog Look like?

The most common area where Project Backlog appears is Defects and Bugs. Defects and Bugs are problems discovered by end-users that escaped quality control during development. When working with an IT project backlog, testing is usually done as a part of each PBI. These can be managed and maintained through a problem tracker, but can also be included in your project backlog.

What Does the Project Backlog in IT Do?

Low-code platforms focus on products. Meanwhile, IT companies that are project-based are still using Agile practices and working with technical debts. The project backlog replaces the product backlog. The important difference is that the project backlog is temporary. It will go as long as the single project. Whereas an IT product backlog will have no end date and be used continuously throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Product backlog good practices should be implemented for your project backlog. For example, you want to have a single person who will own the backlog prioritization. For people who manage the backlog, the focus should also be:

  • Completing the work
  • Predicting timelines
  • Clearing user stories
  • Prioritizing backlog

How does OmnePresent’s low-code expertise eliminate the IT backlog?

OmnePresent’s low-code expertise has the approach which allows applications to be created in a fraction of the time compared to traditional line-by-line coding. This expertise has the potential to develop projects with a focus on user experiences and business processes as opposed to traditional language development and hand-coding each element.

OmnePresent’s team of hardworking developers have comprehensive knowledge of low-code, which enables them to do custom coding to meet the exact requirements, swiftly and speed up the delivery and creation of compelling mobile, web, and enterprise omnichannel applications. These allow the end-users to collaborate with IT to build the best user experience from the start and also ensure that the application development process reduces application maintenance costs.

OmnePresent works with the most well-known and powerful low-code platforms, which includes Mendix, OutSystems, Appian, PowerApps and PowerAutomate. They provide services in every aspect of development and maintenance.

The low-code service includes:

  • Platforms that build apps faster
  • Great UX experience
  • Easy integration of apps
  • 24 × 7 maintenance and support
  • Low-code consulting and project planning
  • Outsourcing partner
  • Outsourcing development services

Why go with the OmnePresent’s team?

The main agenda of OmnePresent’s team is to give you rapid delivery with minimal risk. They own a proven track record in developing enterprise solutions with low-code. OmnePresent has a team of certified low-code software engineers for offshore and onsite development. They assure you about customer-centric design and development, and they also provide visibility to stakeholders at every stage.

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