Leverage Mendix to empower your manufacturing business

Leverage Mendix to empower your manufacturing business’s digital transformation initiatives

Manufacturing businesses have been witnessing constant disruptions due to several reasons. If the pandemic wasn’t enough, there is volatility on global, economic, and policy fronts. The need to adapt quickly is more than ever.

Increased technological advancements are another disruptor that will redefine your manufacturing operations in the future. Enabling digital transformation for your business is no longer an option. It is a necessity that you need to address right away. And what can be better than Mendix to transform your organization digitally?

This article looks at the various facets of the Mendix platform and the tools it offers to transform your manufacturing business.

What is digital transformation for a manufacturing business?

Digital transformation for manufacturing businesses is all about improving the existing processes. It can happen by leveraging technology and empowering the workforce with digital tools for their day-to-day activities. The result will be improved quality of products and happy customers with improved satisfaction levels.

Digital transformation in manufacturing will ultimately help you:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce costs and maximize revenue
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve decision-making process
  • Adapt to changes quickly
  • Remain prepared for disruption
  • Secure a competitive advantage

Accelerate digital transformation for your business with Mendix

Mendix is an enabler of new-age digital experiences. It will help you improve process efficiencies and add unmatched value to your business. You can deliver the right experience across the right domain through apt strategies, planning, designing, and execution. There are several other benefits of low code for manufacturing businesses.

Here are the different tools offered by Mendix that help you drive digital transformation for your manufacturing business.

  • 3D Viewer

    Users can upload, operate, and visualize 2D Drawing files and 3D JT files. It is also possible to view the model product structure tree and product manufacturing information tree. The tool eliminates the need to create a new 3D-rendering engine. You can use the drag-and-drop functions to get the job done.

  • Smart Warehousing

    It is also one of the use cases of Mendix that help simplify and automate the material handling process. As there are several assets in any inventory, managing it without errors can be difficult. A few misplaced items can turn your inventory operations upside down.

    You also need to be aware of the inventory items, inspection status, availability, etc. Smart Warehousing helps you reduce the search time and increase the transparency of the availability status.

    There is no need for manual tasks and dashboards to locate the items. You also get advanced security measures to prevent untoward incidents as only a specific user group can access the data.

  • NX Reporting & Analytics

    It gives you that edge and insights into CAx data. The app is available for both mobile and desktop users.

  • FSM Suite

    Manual processes, combined with a lack of information, can lead to operational inefficiencies and downtimes for your business. It will directly impact the customer satisfaction levels. Over a period of time, you may even lose customers. It can translate to huge losses for your business.

    FSM offers operational excellence to everyone, including your field staff. The FSM suite comes with scalable and flexible templates you can choose based on your business needs. You can automate work order execution, predictive maintenance, asset management, remote monitoring, etc.

    The FSM suite can also integrate with your core systems. You can customize it further and use it online or offline.

  • Application Test Suite

    It is a paid add-on service that embeds automated testing in the app lifecycle. You get advanced automation for regression and functional tests. There is also provision for security, availability, and performance testing. Designing versatile apps seamlessly through test case recording and data-enabled testing is also possible.

  • Teams, Time and Project Management

    The tool helps plan your project resources based on their real-time working schedules. You can discard spreadsheets and welcome this easy-to-use tool for project budget management, resource scheduling, etc. The app will track and calculate the attendance of even remote employees.

    You can get a resource breakdown based on the work of your employees. Maximizing productivity is possible by monitoring resource assignments. Similarly, you can avoid budget escalations, manage the payroll process, and identify weak links in your operations.

  • App Code Reviewer (ACR)

    It is another paid add-on service that works as a cloud-based tool. ACR improves the code review process by automating routine tasks. Developers get more time to focus on complex challenges. ACR’s static code analysis helps you improve app security. You can also improve the app’s reliability by overcoming peculiar problems that lead to bugs.

  • Optimize My Plant

    Constant changes on the shop floor can lead to quality issues, missed deadlines, and lost time. Optimize My Plant offers a digital twin to shop floor managers to predict and optimize production performance. It helps them improve their day-to-day operations and drive efficiency.

Get unmatched digital transformation for your business with OmnePresent

Your manufacturing business can no longer afford to lag in digital transformation. There are several advantages on offer that deliver an unmatched value for your business. Besides improving process efficiencies, digital transformation will help you modernize the customer experience. It will lead to improved client satisfaction levels and increase your revenue in the long run.

OmnePresent is a leading Mendix development consulting services provider that can help you digitally transform your business. Our Mendix application development services are used by over 100+ organizations worldwide. We will help you execute your ideas and turn them into reality with our low-code services.

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