How Organizations can Accelerate Digital Transformation through Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions on AWS

How Organizations can Accelerate Digital Transformation through Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions on AWS?

Low-code platforms provide the tools and flexibility to meet modern business challenges and support continuous digital innovation. Low-code helps organizations rapidly develop and deploy applications.

By pairing Mendix with Intelligent Automation, businesses can gain the speed and agility to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports business processes to modernize customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and improve process excellence.

Why should businesses leverage Intelligent Automation?

Organizations are looking to digital transformation to improve efficiency, agility, and competitiveness.

Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions offer several advantages that can help organizations speed up their digital transformation initiatives, including:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Automating manual processes can help organizations eliminate errors and improve efficiency.
  2. Improved Agility: Intelligent automation can help organizations respond faster to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  3. Enhanced Competitiveness: Automating business processes can give organizations a competitive edge by allowing them to scale quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, it helps streamline your business processes and improve your customer experience:

  • Streamline your business processes
    Organizations are under immense pressure to accelerate digital transformation to compete in today’s digital economy. One way they can do this is by using Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions. This allows businesses to quickly and easily build and deploy applications that automate their business processes.Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions are built on top of the AWS cloud platform, which provides a scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure for running business applications. This makes it easy for organizations to start with Mendix and quickly scale their applications as their needs grow.Overall, it provide a fast and easy way for organizations to automate their business processes and accelerate digital transformation.
  • Improve your customer experience
    With Mendix, you can quickly and easily create custom applications that modernize your customer experience.

Benefits of Intelligent Automation in Various Industries

Core process modernization in Retail Banking

In today’s digital world, several industries are looking to accelerate digital transformation and modernize core processes. One industry that is ripe for process modernization is retail banking. Retail banks have long been struggling to keep pace with the ever-changing customer expectations. In order to meet the needs of customers, who are now accustomed to the speed and convenience of online banking, retail banks must adopt new technologies and modernize their core processes. But core modernization is a time-consuming and costly process.

By using Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions on AWS, organizations can quickly modernize their core processes without increasing technical debt. You can provide consumers with seamless digital experiences with solutions specifically designed to handle crucial tasks, from first onboarding to handling the biggest financial transaction in a person’s life with mortgage or loan origination solutions.

Deliver personalized and automated experience in Insurance

Today, customers expect a personalized and automated experience when they interact with their insurer, whether it is to purchase a policy, make a claim, or simply ask a question.

Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions enables insurance companies to quickly build apps that automate key business processes, such as quoting, policy administration, Underwriting automation, claims processing, and customer service. By automating these processes, insurance companies can provide their customers with the fast and convenient experience they expect and improve operational efficiency.

Provide exceptional digital experiences for manufacturing

Organizations in the manufacturing industry can provide their customers with exceptional digital experiences with Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions.

Mendix’s cloud-native platform enables manufacturers to deliver exceptional digital experiences across all domains. From intelligent process automation to hyper-personalization, domain experts can contribute to creating applications while keeping the digital thread intact with modern, personalized, and adaptable solutions. Mendix connects data, workflows, and events with intelligent automation, transforming the business and consumer experience.


Digital transformation is essential for organizations to remain competitive in today’s economy. Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions on AWS can help organizations accelerate digital transformation by automating key processes and tasks. With Mendix, organizations can focus on their core business goals and objectives, while automation solutions take care of tedious and time-consuming tasks.

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