Drive your business forward by improving digital customer experience

Drive your business forward by improving digital customer experience with a virtual data warehouse – Snowflake

There has never been a more apt time than now to deliver personalized and relevant experiences at an individual level to customers. The data generation explosion and rising customer expectations are gradually placing more importance on your business’s ability to scale, react swiftly, and remain competitive over the long term.

This requires you to understand your customers, anticipate their needs, and devise customized solutions. Indeed, gathering insights from multiple sources at scale and in real-time can help you stay close to your customers.

Snowflake helps with that challenge by enabling users to collect, manage, analyze and share information in a scalable and cost-effective manner via its innovative virtual data warehouse solution.

Let us learn more insights about Snowflake and how its virtual data warehouse will benefit your business.

What is the Snowflake virtual data warehouse?

Snowflake is a virtual data warehouse that lets you store, manage, and analyze your customer data. What makes Snowflake unique is the fact that it’s developed from the ground up for the cloud. So instead of being limited to what a legacy system can do, Snowflake harnesses the power of cloud computing to offer personalized experience possibilities for your customers.

In addition to offering unrivaled scalability and performance, Snowflake’s architecture eliminates the need for management tasks like provisioning, monitoring, tuning, backups, and patching—usual chores associated with relational databases. This means Snowflake allows you to focus on improving the existing digital customer experience rather than managing your data warehouse.

Because Snowflake runs on cloud infrastructure, it has unlimited storage capacity and automatically scales up or down with usage. It also leverages built-in security features to protect your data. You do not have to worry about managing multiple security tools to keep your data safe.

With Snowflake, you can get answers to your mobile customer experience challenges in seconds instead of months—without the headaches of traditional warehouses. It becomes possible when you start leveraging marketing analytics.

What makes Snowflake’s architecture the real game-changer for your business?

You can get a lot of flexibility for big data with Snowflake’s architecture. For example, your business may need large storage space without the need for many CPU cycles. Snowflake overcomes this problem by segregating compute and storage functions.

You will not have to pay for integrated services for both. There is flexibility to scale up or down and pay for only what you use. The computing billing happens on a per-second basis, while that of storage is terabytes stored per month.

Advantages of using Snowflake for your business?

Snowflake offers several advantages that help you improve the virtual experiences of your customers. Here’s how.

  • Speed and performance

    You can load the data faster due to the advanced elasticity of the cloud. Running a high number of queries will also be a seamless activity with Snowflake. You can scale the virtual data warehouse to leverage the additional compute resources. Charges remain flexible as you pay only for what you use.

  • Structured and semi-structured data

    Snowflake offers advanced data analysis capabilities for structured and semi-structured data. There is no need to convert and transform them into a rational schema to begin the process. The auto-optimization feature helps storage and querying your data.

  • Accessibility

    Traditional data warehouses lead to concurrency issues when there are several compute resource queries at once. Snowflake overcomes this problem through its multi-cluster architecture. Each virtual warehouse functions independently and does not affect others. You can scale up or down each of them based on your business needs.

  • Data sharing

    Seamless data sharing is possible between Snowflake users. Furthermore, you can also share data with your customers irrespective of whether they are Snowflake users. You can also create and manage Snowflake accounts for your customers.

  • Security

    Snowflake is SOC 2 Type II certified and comes with several advanced security features. You can get support for PHI data for HIPAA customers. Furthermore, there is also an encryption function for all networks.

Bottom line

Snowflake is leading the way with enterprise cloud solutions that enable improved digital experiences for your customers. The innovative architecture of Snowflake helps you securely leverage data assets and deliver the best performance regardless of size or scale. It also provides an apt platform for supporting business intelligence.

Whether you are thinking of migrating to the cloud or setting up a staging area for data, Snowflake is a powerful ETL tool to ease your pain points. The cloud analytics platform from Snowflake helps you achieve new efficiencies through its built-in artificial intelligence and self-service model.

Omnepresent is a leading Snowflake consulting services provider that can help you leverage the platform’s true potential. We have a team of Snowflake experts who have a proven ability to help you transform your consumer experience. We help data-driven organizations fulfill all their digital transformation needs holistically.

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