10 ways automated chatbots can transform your customer service

10 ways automated chatbots can transform your customer service

More and more businesses have been adding chatbots to their repertoire of customer services lately.

Forrester posits that the next 6-12 months will see a 75% increase in organizations adopting an AI initiative.

The reason, as you can guess, is the demands of customers, who can shift to other sites in a fleeting moment, in search of a better user experience and faster response time.

Be tardy in resolving their issues, and they won’t have it. They want an effective solution and they want it instantly.

Companies turn to chatbots as it gives them a firm footing in the highly competitive digital space. And also, because it’s become like a norm in the eyes of the modern consumer.

That’s why, we’re sharing 10 ways automated chatbots can help you transform your customer service.

  1. Reduces costs

    Chatbots or virtual agents let businesses save up to 50% of their costs owing to the hike in efficiency. After all, time is money. The personalized customer experiences improve customer retention, which translates into better returns on the investment.

  2. Streamlines traffic

    Directing customers to different support channels as per their needs reduces traffic. Instead of appointing paid workers to respond to specific questions, businesses are employing chatbots with AI technology.

  3. Enhances engagement

    Enhances engagementThe technology savvy customers dislike filling out forms for basic requests. They’d rather use a chatbot where they can quickly get feedback in a conversational and amicable manner.

  4. Reaches messaging apps

    You can reach customers right where they spend most of their screen time – on messaging apps. Chatbots, with their personal, humourous or even witty exchanges can be the primary point of contact of your business, helping your customers with technical support, product information or account management.

  5. Delights online shoppers

    Customers prefer to track their ordered packages, and chatbots can serve as a new channel for this. Virtual Personal Assistants can also help personalize the buyer’s shopping experience with specific details like discounts, seasonal sales or promotions.

  6. Allows service integrations

    With a plethora of service integration opportunities, companies can vivify their customer experience with features that make them stand out from the crowd.7. Amplifies lead generationChatbots have the in-built capability of collecting customer-centric data like their buying patterns, likes, dislikes, and more. This can help businesses gain valuable insights to tailor customized messages that turn your leads into regulars.

  7. Improves social media presence

    Companies can appoint chatbots to interact with user queries or feedback on social media platforms as well. This helps them build a conversation around the brand and have a robust online presence. They can also draw on invaluable information from the social platform which can be equivalent to a human keeping track of what people say about them.

  8. Enables 24/ 7 customer service

    Customers could shoot a query at any hour, especially when you have an international clientele. Chatbots can resolve issues at any hour, or when the staff is unavailable.

  9. Boosts productivity

    Chatbots not only help customers, but customer service personnel to handle their queries more efficiently and with a great response time. It also lends them the opportunity to interact through numerous channels.

Now, when all is so well and good, why are companies still not able to deliver a smooth chatbot experience? The answer lies in the implementation.

Chatbots are pretty tough to crack, especially with the limited skill-sets most companies can hire.

But all is not lost. Low-code platforms can make things much easier even for regular developers. And with the pandemic confining people to WFH, such platforms can help them collaborate with greater ease.

If you want to know more about how you can effectively deploy chatbots and what it can mean for your business, get in touch with our experts who can walk you through the process in 30 minutes. Book a consultation now.

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