30 Minute Apps: The Speed and Power of OutSystems

You must have heard quite a lot about digital transformation with low-code by now—how it helps businesses rapidly build apps that users love. But have you seen how it’s done in-action?

Watch this 30-minute demo showcasing how OutSystems accelerates the app building process with ease. Here you’ll see

  • An instance of building an app to solve an actual business problem in a few minutes instead of the days it usually takes with traditional methods

  • A few fully-features production apps

  • The way debugging and testing is done in OutSystems

  • How source control, versioning, and merging code works

  • Analytics in the platform

Don’t miss this opportunity to see OutSystems in action. We think you’ll quickly understand why Gartner named us a leader in mobile application development platforms.

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Deepa Takekar | Developer | OmnePresent