User Interface (UI)

“First impression is the last impression”

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You are leaving an impression on your prospects, clients and users. Why not make it a great one?

User Interface (UI) is one of the first things your visitors interface with. Our team works with great pride to ensure your emails, profiles and landing pages are attractive, intuitive and communicates the right message.


Email Designs

More than 50% of your audience is using their mobile devices to view emails. We work with our clients for the best email design strategy keeping in mind their business goals.

We work on below Email Design styles:

  • Scalable Design: A scalable, simple (usually single- column) email layout with large, readable text for screens of all sizes. It also has large, touch-friendly calls-to-action!
  • Fluid Design: Our team enables your email content to “flow” and occupy space on the screen with the Fluid design. Text-heavy layouts typically work well with Fluid email design
  • Responsive Design: With Responsive email design, our team equips your email content with everything from scalable and fluid emails and adds better control via CSS queries

Parallax Designs

We use the latest technology, Parallax, to present a product or service in engaging ways, or tell interactive thrilling stories.

When it comes to telling a story, beauty is in the details. Additionally, visitors demand to get involved and interact with website. A Parallax website makes the visitors experience more memorable and delightful. Discuss with us to know more on how you
can put your visitors in charge of how they engage with your website!

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Landing Pages

You have a great Digital Marketing Strategy; your company has excellent content to showcase, but what now? The key is not just getting the visitors to visit your site or a particular page you wish – it is to convert them by having them take the ‘next step’ you want them to take.

In other words, all your efforts are in vain if your traffic is not converted!

Our team ensures that you have the right landing page in place to encourage visitors to take the step you want them to – be it subscribing your email newsletter, submit a contact form, contacting sales or making a purchase!

From attracting visitors to closing customers, Omnepresent brings your entire Marketing funnel together.

Less stress, more control, and a strategy that actually works! You can now focus on closing customers while we work passionately towards making your organization Omnepresent!