• In order to increase the market value and revenue of your eCommerce website, you need to market it.

  • The growth in revenue will only come with the growth in your eCommerce business’s reach.

  • OmnePresent brings you the tips you can use that helps in growing the order value for your eCommerce business.

Limit The Free Shipping

  • It is obvious that free shipping cannot be given on every single purchase.

  • You can restrict the free shipping duration for users based on the amount of their purchase.

  • Free Shipping in 2-3 days for the user’s making purchase for around $50 and 1 day shipping for those making purchase around $100.

Offers And Discounts For New Users

  • Offering the first time buyers is a smart choice, you can offer them a coupon on signup such as 50% discount on shopping of $200.

  • Free gifts or cash back on making purchase of a specific amount.

  • This will not only increase your order value but also will help you in building new customers for your eCommerce site.

Combo Deals

  • Amazon introduced a combo deals for the most purchased items that allows people to buy a combination of things in a lesser price.

  • Idea behind it is to provide users a complete package in a lesser price than that when bought individually.

  • Ex. Get the mobile insurance with the phone itself including cover case and a screen guard.

  • More inventory is moved this way.

Special Discounts

  • There are many third party sites that provides offers for your side, whether you want it or not, customers will use them.

  • Instead, why not create a special discount page and list it into your menu.

  • Whether it’s a 30% off on select items or 10% on whole order, if you give offers on site, the users will definitely use them.

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