“Surround yourself with good team.“

In B2B technology, one of the challenges in marketing is bringing together the key data sources into one clear picture of each customer, target account and prospect. To name a few, now that data is locked up into silos called CRM, Salesperson’s spreadsheet, Marketing Automation and Web Analytics, the whole customer journey cannot be seen by demand generation teams – this limits the visibility of finding out what content works, what does not and the contribution these campaigns have to the pipeline.

But now, with better workflows, you can maximize your sales and marketing team’s time and get your B2B prospecting lists effortlessly imported into you CRM. Align your system to integrate and also help sales and marketing professionals analyze results, build campaigns, and anticipate customer /prospect needs. Thus, systems and data integrations save time and money ultimately and you can then give marketers and sales professionals a competitive edge to build relationships and nurture those leads.

We at OmnePresent can understand the challenges our clients are facing, and which features to be highlighted.

Helping you provide a dynamic and personalized approach to customer targeting, we create new segments which will guide you to understand your customers’ needs at a whole new level, by merging multiple data sources and applying modern analytic tools. Grow your business by prioritizing the marketing activities which really matters and reach your ideal customers.

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