What Does E-Commerce Tools Do

  • For every E-Commerce website promotion is must

  • Sales depend upon recognition, and recognition can be gained by promotion

  • These are some tools that can used :
    ○ Google Adwords
    ○ Google Analytics
    ○ Affiliate Marketing
    ○ Social Media Marketing
    ○ Content Marketing

  • Marketers can use these tools to
    promote their E-Commerce website

Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords help you in finding specific keywords for your websites seo service

  • Include negative keywords in order to avoid getting listed in unnecessary searches

  • It will help your target customers to reach you

  • You can optimizing your landing page with Google Adwords

  • Use “Conversion Tracking” to see what happens when a customer clicks your ads

  • It gives you details about purchase of products,
    newsletter signups and form submission by a

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics provides you with real time reports about factors like
    o Site Traffic
    o Geographical locations of visitors
    o Details about OS and Browsers visitor are using

  • These reports provide insights about your online
    shopping stores website

  • Audience Reports are important as you get
    information that could be helpful in planning yourbusiness flow according to the need of the hour

Affiliate Marketing

  • “Refer and Earn” is the motto of Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing means rewards for referring new visitors and converting

  • It helps marketers in working to achieve rewards by seeking attention
    of visitors towards your business

  • Promote others and earn rewards is the main idea of affiliate marketing

  • It is a commission based effective marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing

  • Integration of social sharing into your marketing campaigns strategy is must to

  • Another social media marketing factor that could be a beneficial is being available on every social media possible

  • Email Marketing is yet another form of converting your visitors into customers

  • Customer reviews and ratings can be published to promote your E-Commerce website

Content Marketing

  • Create sensible content that should be relevant for your E-Commerce Business

  • Make sure your content is SEO specific, make sure that you have included relevant keywords to your content

  • Post your content on portals like Startups, Meetups and Groups

  • Promote your content on social media groups such as on Facebook

  • Always include a link back to your E-Commerce
    website so that users can find you easily

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