• Running an ECommerce business isn’t cakewalk.

  • The basic target of an ECommerce is to showcase a product, encouraging buyers and make the pay.

  • In order to improve the sales, we need some strategies. OmnePresent presents you with the strategies that might be beneficial for your brand of ECommerce.

Make The Most With Hit Mapping

  • Allows you to track where on your website users hang out more.

  • It will be helpful in providing them better information the next time they visit that particular part of your website.

  • You can also track where the users came from, how many clicks on your offers and how long they stayed on your website.

A/B Testing

  • Everything on your website should be tested, it is needed to add value by improvement.

  • There is always the need of improvement even if your business is doing great.

  • Create a battle plan before you start to update.

  • Update one thing at a time so that you get the idea about what works and what doesn’t.

Strength Of Social Media

  • Social inbox can help you to find out what people think about your company.

  • It gives you a notification every time you are mentioned on the social media.

  • Using this feature will help you with the points where you really need to improve.

Generate Leads With Exit Lightbox

  • Many Ecommerce businesses have taken the benefits of exit lightbox.

  • An exit lightbox pops up the form while the user is about to leave the site.

  • It works on the anticipation that the user just might provide you with his/her contact details if he/she is even slightly interested to buy from you.

  • Further you can contact them through email campaigns to encourage a second visit or a purchase from your site.

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