• Writing an impressive content is always a challenge.

  • You need the readers to have your writings impact on their mind.

  • There still isn’t any guarantee that what we write could go viral or not.

  • Omnepresent brings to you ways you can make your content go viral.

A Shareable Framework For Content

  • There’s no such defined formula to make your content go viral.

  • But you can always frame it in a way that spreads it more across the masses.

  • There are two frameworks namely “SUCCESs” and “STEPPS”.

Publish Regularly

  • In order to build an regular audience base you need to publish more at short intervals.

  • Without a regular set of audience at your belt it would be difficult to distribute your content.

  • It could be a stumble at the beginning but once you get started it will help your content to be shared virally.

Learn From Data

  • Review the performance of your content’s data.

  • The best topic and tones that suits you needs to work best for you.

  • Attention to the data associated to social themes is crucial.

Precise Headlines

  • Your content will be on social networks and will be accessed by search engines if it is shared regularly.

  • It means you need a strong, robust headlines that appeals people to click on the link.

  • Choose a headlines that stands out and makes your content look unique.

Reconstructing And Recycle Content

  • In case you create a video, see where you can use the collaterals.

  • Script, narration, story boards and infographics can be reused in some other presentations as well.

  • Use slideshare to put your storyboards as presentations that will be resourceful to others as well.

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