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Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management


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Organizations are no longer debating pros-and-cons of being represented on social media. They are instead working on forming their social media publishing, marketing and listening strategies.

If you had created your social media profiles, but couldn’t update them regularly, it’s even a bigger crime than not being present there at all! Why we call it a crime? Because by not leveraging social media, you are working for your competitors!

Think of your social media presence as a living being. If it is not born yet, great, you still have untapped opportunity. If you have stopped updating it OR you update it intermittently – your audience is thinking whether you are ‘still in business’ or what?

OmnePresent’s integrated Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management packages ensure your business is well represented, actively listening and engages audience on your behalf. We achieve this by integrating our Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management with our Content Generation, Website Development and Analytics – so you can create and publish relevant content; interact with your fans and followers; and measure your performance.

Why should you care for Social Media Marketing?

Let’s hear some benefits:

Multiple channels to share your rich content
Increase your fans and followers
Generate qualified leads from target personas
Keep your audience engaged and provide top-of-the-mind-recall

With Social Media Marketing services from OmnePresent, our professional consultants will help your organization by:

Increasing Visibility on Social Networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, YouTube, etc.

Amplifying Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Increasing and Engaging Your Fans And Followers

So, what makes our Social Media Marketing different?

  • Our love for Marketing
  • The entire team works passionately towards our clients’ exponential growth
  • Our integrated services, where SMM campaigns get maximum traction

Social Media Marketing with OmnePresent includes:

  • Website Integration With Leading Social Networks
  • Artifacts’ Development (Like Presentations, Videos, Webinars, E-Books, Blogs, Etc.)
  • Landing Page Consultation and Development
  • Engaging Fans And Followers
  • Implementation of Social Analytics
  • Weekly and Monthly Ranking Progress Reports

From attracting visitors to closing customers, Omnepresent brings your entire Marketing funnel together.


Less stress, more control, and a strategy that actually works! You can now focus on closing customers while we work passionately towards making your organization Omnepresent!