• Its a fact that marketing is costly

  • Mass media such as print advertising and magazine costs a lot

  • Television or mainstream media of advertising is too expensive

  • ROI of these traditional marketing strategies is decreasing relative to increasing cost

Steps For SEO Keywords Practices

  • Generate a keyword list that include word phrases related to your business

  • Use Excel Spreadsheet

  • Collect huge data from each word

  • List them within the columns

Search SEO Keywords By Google Keyword Tool

  • Sign up using your Google account

  • Surely add an access for Google analytics, Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords

Steps In Adwords

  • Adwords is aimed to collect paid terms

  • It behaves same as for SEO words

  • No need to Pay Per Click

  • In Google Adwords click Tools and Analysis > Keyword Tool

  •  Enter your keyword list in text box titled Word or Phrase

  • Your list will be sort by Global monthly searches

Steps In Adwords(Continued)

What you want:-

  • Relatively Low competition

  • High monthly searches

  • This is best tool for searching relevant words

  • Enter the data in spreadsheet

  • On the basis of significance, low competition and high monthly searches target the 20 top keywords

Wind Up The Spreadsheet

  • Now to know your actual baseline ranking search your keywords on Google

  • 4th column of your spreadsheet should have position number

  • Google has 10 search results on each page

  • Accordingly determine your position number

  • Don’t count paid results on the top or side of page

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