Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization is the process of managing web content in a manner that elevates page rankings in search engines.

  • In web designing, search engine optimization play an vital role.

  • It is the process of managing the web pages.

  • It helps in optimizing the huge websites of colleges and universities.

How Google’s Search Engines works…?

      • There are some steps of google search engines

        1. Crawling and Indexing the web pages.

        2. Providing Information.

        3. Find Content

      • The Google review four things to rank the web page

        1. Popularity of the page

        2. Authority of the page

        3. Location of the page

        4. Relevance of the page

Search Engine Optimization Approaches

    • There are two types approaches of search engine optimization.

      1. Off-Page Optimization

      2. On-Page Optimization

1. Off-Page Optimization

    • Off-page optimization gives natural search

    • It refers to external activities of the web page like.

      1. Link Building

      2. Social Media

      3. Social Bookmarking

2. On-Page Optimization

  • It is used for managing websites.

  • There are some factors in on-page optimization which are controlled by coding of web page.

  • It includes HTML tags, meta tags.

Ingeniux CMS

    • Ingeniux CMS is Content Management System which is used to design the modern web.

    • Following are the ways which helps to optimize the search.

      1. Hire the experts to update page content.

      2. Make use of meta data.

      3. Use structured URL’s.

      4. Support to CSS standards which helps to make menus.

Target SEO Keywords and Phrases

  • We have to target the important keywords, which audience use it while searching.

  • We have to use a specific word in the title to see pages in google index.

  • It is a achievable thing, if a result gives a set of pages with equal or lesser page strength then the website.

Paid Search

  • It is the best way to direct the traffic to the landing page.

  • You can use A/B method for optimization.

  • Following are some activities related to search engine marketing.

    1. Paid search advertising

    2. Pay per click (ppc)

    3. Cost per click (cpc)


  • Search engine optimization is the important part of web designing and marketing.

  • It is the way to maximize earnings from web traffic.

  • It increases the visibility.

  • It is cost-effective way of marketing.

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