• In the year 2015, Google announced that most of the searches are done by mobile devices rather that computers.

  • It means that websites that are optimized for mobile phones have bigger chances of having a higher conversion rate.

  • Have a responsive website that works flawless on all the devices with OmnePresent and increase your conversion rate.

How Can A Mobile Responsive Website Be Achieved?

  • Keeping the form short, long tedious forms are time consuming.

  • Keep the content to the point and mostly in bullets, most people don’t prefer reading big paragraph.

  • A design that is formatted for the mobile devices. A poorly formatted webpage will never be appealing to the user thus reducing the chances of him/her bouncing out.

How Responsiveness Helps?

  • Content fits right in the space, with optimized menu.

  • Images and text rearranged according to the phones screen.

  • Form is auto adjusted according to the screens resolution.

What Are The Outcome’s?

  • The bounce rate reduces when the users are visiting the website from their phones.

  • It provides users with a flawless experience and more number of users fill the form before leaving.

  • Shortened and bullet points keep the content to its details preventing the page from getting all clumsy with text.

  • Optimized images for mobile platform helps in reducing the load time for the landing pages.

Final Thoughts

  • UX is an important factors for the conversions to happen and to have a increase in their statistics.

  • A user would definitely leave if he had to scroll through a lot of content to get to the contact form, as its too much time consuming.

  • So in order to have a better conversion rate we need to fill the gaps as far as user experience is concerned.

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