Identify The Helpful One

  • There are so many fields that you can report on such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers, number of leads, number of conversion these are only few.

  • That’s exactly make it hard to identify which one is helpful for you.

Create Separate Reports

  • Probably you have your set of reports such as number of leads you are generating per month, number of views of your website etc..

  • But these reports doesn’t show you the image of the buyer like how they are acting in your website.

  • So you must create separate reports just to your persona segment.

Take a Look At The MQL Source

  • It is important to take a look at the source that are gathering MQL.

  • It will help you to gain better knowledge about your marketing funnel.

  • It will give a better idea of your company’s SLA.

Look At The Content

  • Have a look at the content which drives MQL and those conversion.

  • It will help you to decide what content you should promote through various channels.

  • It will also helps you to understand what content moves your website visitors to your funnel.

Content That Drives Conversions

  • Understand the content that drives conversion is important while understanding the content that drives MQLs.

  • Your lead may find the different content is important than the content that your MQL and customers find.

Content That Converts Prospects

  • Focus on relevant image for each of your content.

  • Put different content in each stage of your funnel will helps you to convert more people.

Activity Of Your Website Visitors

  • Your visitor may prefer certain CTAs or they always visit same page or maybe they get attract by the same image.

  • This report will help you to understand the actions of your visitors.


  • Reports will help you to measure your performance and understand your leads and visitors.

  • Take a look at the source that are gathering MQL which will help you to gain better knowledge about your marketing funnel.

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