• Retraining a sales team when a company adopts inbound marketing methodology is one of the biggest challenge.

  • It is pretty much out of the box for the sales team as it differs a lot from the traditional set of marketing.

  • Though the training is difficult and time consuming, it can bring a lot of good results in terms of long run.

  • OmnePresent brings you several ways to train your media sales team again to tackle the challenges with inbound marketing.

Improve Team’s Abilities

  • Inbound leads are much more qualified than the traditional click through leads.

  • Make sure your media sales team not only understand the norms of inbound but also the difference between inbound and the traditional format that advertisers are comfortable with.

  • They should be enabled in a way that they can demonstrate the features to others.

Exercise The Techniques

  • The sales should only practices with the inbound model to pitch leads instead of going with the traditional outbound techniques, if they do so there is a need to clear this gap.

  • If they are involved into the process they will get a hand-on with which they will be able to convince the leads more specifically.

  • To attract buyers to go with the inbound model sales need to implement the
    techniques by themselves, which would be more convincing.

Captivating Material For Sales

  • Stuff your sales team with enough sales material once they are enabled with the inbound campaigns.

  • That will help them close the deals more easily.

  • Create a template that can be customized for all the customers as per the need of the hour.

  • Once you get enough clients under your belt, use there case studies to close the future deals.

Let Your Sales Incentivize The Advertisers

  • Incentivizing the potential advertisers while the sales team is learning the techniques of inbound is a encouraging option.

  • Sales team targets MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads) only.

Reevaluate and Report

  • Sell what the marketers and potential advertisers really do care about.

  • Marketing qualified leads, pipeline of sales and the generated revenues are the main concerns.

  • Make theoretical offerings and support them with numbers from the past projects.

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