• In the modern business world, a commonplace is outsourcing non-core activities.

  • Companies do outsource their catering, accountancy and much more.

  • In forward-thinking business, outsourcing digital marketing is a typical practice which do not posses time, resources or expertise in the company.

  • Following guidelines will you to find the right digital agency for your needs.

Reasons to Outsource

  • You do not have much experience in digital marketing and you want to see how a successful campaign is run before organizing your own.

  • Though you have digital marketing experience but lack the time to throw and run campaigns.

  • You cannot scale up new campaign with current resources though you have received a positive feedback.

  • You require a complete services of your digital strategy.

Benefits from Outsourcing

  • Partnering with experts in social media, paid advertising and more improve credibility and image.

  • Outsource only when needed instead of paying for a full-time marketing employee.

  • Spread your budget based on evidence-based recommendations.

  • Customized marketing campaigns organized for your business and target audience.


You must ask potential agencies about their marketing strategies:

  • How the strategy impact on achieving marketing goals and objectives?

  • Is the strategy viable?

  • When the results can be expected?

  • What resources are needed to organize a successful campaign?

  • What roles and responsibilities you have to play?


You must ask following questions
regarding reports:

  • What types of report can be expected?

  • How often reports will be provided?

  • How are metrics tracked and performance metrics included?

  • Will the agency need to access company’s accounts and internal tools.


You must ask queries to potential agency who will be in charge of managing and monitoring your marketing account:

  • What qualifications and experience do they have?

  • How long have they worked for the agency?

  • Can they provide examples of recent works?


  • Outsourcing could suit your business but not for every business.

  • If you lack the expertise or resources and not happy with your current performance in the digital marketing then atleast you must give potential to the outsourcing.

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