Marketing Objectives

  • Marketing objectives are goals set by a company when promoting its products or services to potential customers that should be achieved within a given time.

  • It includes increasing product awareness among targeted audience giving information about product or service features, and cutting down customer resistance to buying the product.

  • OmnePresent enables marketers to determine the overall marketing objectives.

The SMART Approach

  • SPECIFIC:- Make sure the objectives are easily identified and understood.

  • MEASURABLE:- Make sure the objectives can be measured, monitored and recorded.

  • ATTAINABLE:- Make sure that the objectives have a fair chance of being met.

  • RELEVANT:- Make sure that the objectives are appropriate for teams or

  • TIMELY:- Make sure that the objectives have clear time frames including start date
    and end date.

Benefits Of Setting Marketing Objectives

  • Marketing objectives are vital to marketing success.

  • Enable a company to control its marketing plan.

  • Provide a way to measure company’s progress.

  • Set out what a company wants to achieve from its marketing activities.

  • Help a company to develop products and services that meet the needs of target market.

How To set Marketing Objectives

  • Summarize your goal. This will help company to set longer-term as well as short-term strategic goals.

  • Make sure you fully understand needs of current market.

  • Define marketing tactics that will take to successfully attain your company’s goals.

  • Develop products and services that will meet the needs of target market.

  • Select a completion date.This will help to achieve goals within time.

  • Understand your customers, their wishes and wants.

  • Set your marketing budget.

  • Understand your company’s competition.Do research on their strengths and weaknesses.

Final Thoughts

  • It’s the best way to achieve your company’s goals.

  • Marketing objectives need to fit in with the overall business objectives
    and drive the direction of your company’s marketing strategy.

  • With proper understanding of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats, set marketing objectives for getting desired results.

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