What Is Marketing Automation?

  • Using software to automatically send notifications to users in real time and to a vast amount of customers.

  • Concept in existence since late 80’s.

  • Amazon’s predictive algorithm is one of a kind of marketing automation that shows users the choices they might want to buy with the help of browsing data.

Marketing Automation For Everyone

  • What once was a expensive and in house built has become much readily available with the help of third party suppliers.

  • Available to B2B and B2C companies of all scales.

  • Helps in merging & streamlining sales and marketing effort.

Social Media & Marketing Automation

  • Social media has been a crucial in democratisation of marketing automation.

  • Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn have become important marketing channels encouraging one to one communication with you.

  • Resources, Energy and skills and time are needed for successful social media management.


  • Saves time by scheduling your campaigns to be released automatically at a desired time.

  • Its cost efficient, provides automatic alternative to an old traditional manual process.

  • CRM Integration to ensure the leads are tied up and in the pipeline.

  • Marketing automations helps to keep tracks of consumers found on multiple channels with speed and efficiency.

  • All your marketing efforts are incorporated in one single process.

  • Automation allows to create a more relevant and attractive inviting experience and can be personalized according to group based on their behaviour.

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