Latest Trends in

Development 2019

Latest Trends in Application Development 2019

The State of Application Development Report: Are you ready for digital transformation?

More than 3,300 IT professionals around the world share their insights into the comprehensive research report on the state of enterprise application development conducted by OutSystems.

Highlighting the interpretation of responses from IT leaders, architects, and developers across all industries, this 48-page research report answers five critical questions:

  • How to achieve digital transformation and agility with emerging app dev practices?

  • What are the main challenges to meeting application development goals?

  • What strategies are IT teams employing to speed up application delivery?

  • Are these strategies striving to overcome resource constraints and reduce backlogs?

  • Are new app dev practices such as low-code and citizen development making a difference?

To find out more about enterprise application development trends, download the full report.

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