• The new age has adopted e commerce with open arms.

      • Shopping online has become a regular thing for many of us.

      • But there are still many who aren’t comfortable with sharing their credit details with these shopping portals or don’t want to give your ecommerce site a chance.

      • Omnepresent presents you comprehensive ways to gain ecommerce customers trust.

Regular Updates To The Website Design

  • If you haven’t updated your website lately visitor will think that your team lack creativity.

  • They might even doubt the security updates or doubt whether you are in business anymore or not.

  • Good design depends of using ample white space, stunning colors and great looking fonts with a neat and appealing feeling to welcome visitors.

Outstanding Grammar & Spelling

  • Poor text and grammatical errors will always make a negative impact on your business.

  • Customers will not believe a company who can’t wind up a sentence together.

  • Poor content can also make a negative reflection on your search ranks on google, giving your competitors a direct advantage.

Social Media Needs To Be Active

  • Customers who intend to purchase from you will definitely visit your social media pages to check your latest offers and sellings.

  • If you’re facebook or twitter accounts are not active for a longer time,
    customers might think that you ran out of business big time.

  • Also, Give a clear message to your buyers about your ecommerce website.

Testimonials, Reviews Or Social Feeds

  • Use testimonials, reviews and social proofs as displays on your social media to convince your customers of your brand’s quality.

  • It could be a customer’s feed or his instagram feed with a picture of the product he/she posted.

  • Promotion from a celebrity or widely known personality can be like a cherry on the cake.

Multiple Payment Options

  • It would be foolish if an e commerce provides their customer with only one payment option.

  • Not all are comfortable with sharing their credit card details.

  • Avail them with options such as Net Banking, Debit/ Credit card or Cash On Delivery.

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