• Content Management System came into discussion in the web development industry because of its benefits

  • It can have multiple meaning depending on the scenarios and the person’s or project objectives

  • It is seen if anyone talk in the industry about Content Management System or Enterprise Management System, he/she is more likely referring one of them

Content Management System: Definition #1

  • Content Management system is an application, that provides

    • potential for multiple users with different permissions level to manage content

    • data or information of a website project

    • application for internet/ intranet

  • Creating, editing, archiving, publishing, collaborating on, reporting, distributing website
    content, data and information refers to managing content

Content Management System: Definition #2

  • Content Management System is a web application that provides capabilities for multiple users with
    different permission levels to manage web page without HTML knowledge

  • Examples of this Application which provides web page editing capabilities are

    • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive web Pages

    • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive articles

    • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive press releases

Enterprise Content Management System

  • When someone talk about enterprise content management system, he/she talk of any of the following

    • A Content Management System application with believable track record designed to serve and support the needs of a large size organisation or a large content management system

    • An application provides a full-scale Content Management System with multiple functionalities, adjusted for a company’s organization and processes

    • It explains processes of organization like organizing and accumulating documents, and other content

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