• Importance Of Conducting Webinars

  • Why are checklists important?

  • Build your very own Webinar Checklist: Step-By-Step

  • Q & A


  • Topic Selection

  • Speaker Selection

  • System To Use

  • Schedule

  • Picking Up The Team

  • Points To Consider

  • Practices

  • Before-During-After Webinar

Topic Selection

  • Pick a topic that segments your prospects for you

  • Pick a topic that gives you a reason to follow-up

  • Pick a topic that you can repurpose for different crowds

Speaker Selection

  • Make sure the speaker has experience presenting on a webinar

  • Make sure they are subject matter experts

  • Take a look at some of their past speeches and talks

Systems To Use For A Webinar

  • GoToWebinar

  • GoToMeeting

  • Adobe

  • BigBlueButton


  • Schedule it in a way more people can attend the event

  •  Notify Attendees on the event day so that they don’t miss it

Points To Consider

  • Keep the Target as narrow as possible

  • Broad Target can be too much for the audience in
    one session


  • Rehearse The Topic

  • Develop The Accent

  • Practice With The Tools

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