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Effective Lead Management Process-Inbound Marketing

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  • Generating high quality leads is the first challenge for B2B marketers.

  • When you implement Inbound Marketing for your company you will typically see increase in lead generation.

  • Inbound Marketing is such an effective and powerful strategy for your business.

Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing can certainly increase the generation of quality leads.

  • Inbound Marketing is best marketing strategy, with it’s proven track record.

  • This strategy may also generate more low-quality leads.

  • Generating low quality leads is, in and of itself, a good thing.

Attributes of an Inbound Marketing Process

  • Clearly Defined Channel.

  • Clear High Probability Indicators (HPI).

  • Increase Lead.

  • Maintain Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Clear Nurturing Process.

Clearly Defined Channel

  • For marketers it is important that they clearly define each stage of their channel.

  • Areas that should be clearly defined are :

    1. Visits to your website

    2. Lead

    3. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

    4. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

  • Marketers should define categories within each level of the channel and provide a more detailed explanation

Clear High Probability Indicators(HPI)

  • Marketers should challenge, customers thinking and create a stronger impression that will lead to action.

  • Clear HPIs provide focus for your marketing and sales efforts.

  • It allows for greater alignment and more effective action.

Increase Lead

  • Clear process for assessing both the company and the contact needs to be in place to increase leads.

  • Generating leads is your biggest barriers amongst all for growth.

  • You tend not to consider and prepare what you have to do when your lead velocity increases.

Maintain Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • An effective service level agreement (SLA) has three minimum criterias :

    1. Clearly lays out the protocols

    2. Provide clear definitions for each stage of the channel.

    3. Lays out clear targets and measurements

  • You can start with these three criteria and evolve from there, if you don’t have an SLA.

Maintain Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • The power of building out a Clear Nurturing Process is that it builds predictability and scalability into your growth efforts.

  • If you want to see the returns from your marketing and lead
    generation investments effective nurturing is a required.


  • Inbound marketing is most powerful and effective marketing strategy for your business.

  • Inbound Marketing is required, if you want to see the returns
    from your marketing and lead generation investments.

Setting Goals for Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Goals

  • Do your goals set for digital marketing covers all the bases ?

  • A good set of digital marketing goals cover a range of different measures to help set, review and control performance across all digital
    marketing activities

  • Here are 5Ss of digital marketing to check you are covering the whole digital marketing, not just sales

Sell- Increase Sales

  • Begin with your most important transactions which lead to revenue and profits

  • You should increase trust through boosting trust in the online purchase along with free delivery

  • Nowadays, more leads are achieved through online marketing business


  • Make efforts to get close to customers through participation and dialogue

  • Digital channels are communication channels which engage your audience through digital marketing tools

  • Digital channels work best when joined with other channels

  • For reaching and influencing your audience, you must create detailed conversion or budget models


  • Natural places for people to visit and get answers of their questions are:
    ○ The company website
    ○ Social Customer Service

  • You must always pay attention towards quality customer service you offer

  • You also need customer satisfaction goals to assess how you are at customer service and improve further

Save Costs

  • You must show value you gain through online cost savings to reduce service costs save on
    traditional media like print and post

  • It is most relevant to the multichannel retailer or service company who can set goals on number of catalogues downloaded and service transactions


  • Building your brand online is Sizzle

  • Involving sizzle in your digital marketing will really help your sales and speak goals

  • Levels of satisfaction and proposals are key goals of sizzle

  •  So, to deliver sizzle you must invest in social media and community platforms


  • To know you are on the track, you must know where you are heading

  • Setting the right goals for digital marketing is not so easy

  • So, you must make sure that you cover the whole bases of digital marketing through these 5Ss

Digital Marketing Company

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  • Digital Marketing is a method through which we can increase the visibility of a company

  • It is among the processes that help the companies build their online presence through mediums like social media, content marketing and so on

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the major elements of Digital Marketing

Reasons Behind People Going Online

  • Evolution of online space has got answers to all our questions

  • Another reason is the usage of smartphones and tablets by the people

Major reasons which make people go online:

○ Create digital connections

○ To educate themselves

○ Research

○ Share

○ For entertainment

Objectives of Digital Marketing

You should focus on following elements of the website:

○ User friendly design

○ Images should be of high quality

○ Fonts and colors should be considered

○ Placement of Images and contents must be strategic ○ Social media integration

○ Contact details should be accurate with google map

Website’s Elements

You should focus on following elements of the website:

○ User friendly design

○ Images should be of high quality

○ Fonts and colors should be considered

○ Placement of Images and contents must be strategic

○ Social media integration

○ Contact details should be accurate with google map

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Specializing for everyone in digital marketing

    is not so easy

  • If you are looking to enhance your digital

    marketing strategy then OmnePresent is the

    best option who is:

    ○ Technical expert

    ○ Ensures conversion rates

    ○ Set targets for SEO and SMO

    ○ Skilled in competitive analysis

    ○ Updated knowledge of market trends

    ○ Value for money

    ○ Expert in assistance of PPC, SEO and SMO professionals


  • Brands are getting more and more customers because of their connections through various digital marketing channels

  • Digital Marketing helps you to get higher revenues

  • OmnePresent is the right choice to help you get compete with large corporations

5 Benefits From Digital Marketing Companies

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  • Digital Marketing Companies help businesses growth with effective SEO and digital marketing campaigns

  • Digital marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumer make purchasing decisions

  • It is seen that number of users use mobile internet to carry out product research before making final decisions

  • OmnePresent enables you to build relations with your customers


  • No need of setting up local outlets for selling goods in any part of the country

  • Without opening a network of distributors in different countries, you can build an export business

  • OmnePresent overcomes your barrier of distance


  • Marketing products online costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlets

  • No need to purchase stock for display in a store

  • Keeping your inventory costs low, you can order stock in line with demand


  • Digital Marketing companies enable you to customize offers to customers through building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences

  • Make targeted offers to prospects visit by tracking their web pages and product that reflect their interests

  • OmnePresent increases the values of sales by customer

Social Media

  • Digital Marketing Companies empower you to take advantage of the growing importance of social media

  • It is seen that the product sales get increase when the customer respond strongly through the influence of social media

  • Take advantage of including social networking tools in your digital marketing campaigns


  • In today’s world of technology, our significant impact on social behaviour depends on digital marketing and social media

  • Solid digital marketing strategy can make any business compete with any competitor

  • So, OmnePresent can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to visit your website

5 Digital Marketing Services

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  • In today’s world, it is crucial to succeed in running business online.

  • There are many different types of marketing methods online.

  • OmnePresent works with an inbound marketing approach that ties multiple digital marketing services together.

Important Digital Marketing Services : SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • It is the process you use to get your site to show up on search engines like Google and Bing.

  • For high traffic, every business wants to have a high ranking presence in the search engines.

  • It is not easy to rank high on Google but OmnePresent can make your presence into high search engine rankings.


  • These days, a key component for an online presence is blogging.

  • Through blogging you can demonstrate your knowledge and capability in your area of expertise and to gain a reputation as an authority.

  • Quality blogging allows you to give answers to the people they are looking for.

Social Media

  • These days, almost everyone uses social media.

  • Social media is important and having a social media strategy is just as important as everything else.

  • Though you can have a social media presence but OmnePresent can increase your existence to people through likes and shares.

Email Marketing

  • For email marketing, there are many different strategies.

  • It has become an important way to stay in touch with customers and promote new offerings.

  • You can nurture leads by providing additional links and information through successful email marketing.

Website Optimization

  • In the end, digital marketing activities will lead to your website.

  • Your website must provide relevant information to people which will help them to move forward in the information or purchasing process.

  • OmnePresent empower nurture leads for their clients.


  • If your company is just starting out or small you must know these aspects of digital marketing services.

  • Suitable digital marketing services can make any business compete with any competitor.

  • OmnePresent works with an inbound marketing approach that ties multiple digital marketing services together.

How To Re-Prepare Your Media Sales Team

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  • Retraining a sales team when a company adopts inbound marketing methodology is one of the biggest challenge.

  • It is pretty much out of the box for the sales team as it differs a lot from the traditional set of marketing.

  • Though the training is difficult and time consuming, it can bring a lot of good results in terms of long run.

  • OmnePresent brings you several ways to train your media sales team again to tackle the challenges with inbound marketing.

Improve Team’s Abilities

  • Inbound leads are much more qualified than the traditional click through leads.

  • Make sure your media sales team not only understand the norms of inbound but also the difference between inbound and the traditional format that advertisers are comfortable with.

  • They should be enabled in a way that they can demonstrate the features to others.

Exercise The Techniques

  • The sales should only practices with the inbound model to pitch leads instead of going with the traditional outbound techniques, if they do so there is a need to clear this gap.

  • If they are involved into the process they will get a hand-on with which they will be able to convince the leads more specifically.

  • To attract buyers to go with the inbound model sales need to implement the
    techniques by themselves, which would be more convincing.

Captivating Material For Sales

  • Stuff your sales team with enough sales material once they are enabled with the inbound campaigns.

  • That will help them close the deals more easily.

  • Create a template that can be customized for all the customers as per the need of the hour.

  • Once you get enough clients under your belt, use there case studies to close the future deals.

Let Your Sales Incentivize The Advertisers

  • Incentivizing the potential advertisers while the sales team is learning the techniques of inbound is a encouraging option.

  • Sales team targets MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads) only.

Reevaluate and Report

  • Sell what the marketers and potential advertisers really do care about.

  • Marketing qualified leads, pipeline of sales and the generated revenues are the main concerns.

  • Make theoretical offerings and support them with numbers from the past projects.

4 Benefits Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

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  • Those days are gone when hiring a digital marketing agency was considered

  • Nowadays, competition is huge as small businesses are making strong presence globally.

  • In such cases, skilled professionals of OmnePresent can give you an edge on

Major Benefits : Latest Technological Proficiency

  • In the last few years, we have seen a great change in technology.

  • A digital marketing agency alone has the access to all the latest technologies.

  • By the professionals of a digital marketing agency, a project can go faster and in an effective way.


  • Hiring a digital marketing professionals always proves economical than doing a stuff single handled without any prior experience in marketing.

  • Executing a social media campaign and rebranding takes a huge amount of research work.

  • OmnePresent is expert in serving social media campaign and rebranding .

Maximise in reaching Target Audience

  • Digital Marketing Agency has the capability to reach target audience within a short time span.

  • Agency pay attention to the core values of a company and align their marketing accordingly.

  • OmnePresent make quick reach to effective audience.

Accessibility of Valuable Resources

  • Some of the valuable resources that one can get only after hiring a digital marketing agency are :

    • Lead Generation

    • Social Media Updates

  • OmnePresent know very well what are the requisite resources and their effective implementation.


  • Digital Marketing Agency is essential for any business desired to make a mark in the industry.

  • OmnePresent is one of the few agencies that offers its valuable services honestly and has a considerable reputation for its ability.

Benefits Of Online Digital Marketing Services

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  • You think that digital marketing is simple, not a big thing… think again!

  • In the year 2014 the ads on the internet are took over the ads which spend on television and cable networks.

  • Now a days traditional advertising does not have that much power where digital marketing is increasing constantly.

  • Do you know most of your customers can connect you through various digital marketing channels.

  • OmnePresent will help you with digital marketing services and make you present everywhere over the internet.

Connect Your Customers On Internet Using Digital Marketing Services

  • Those days are gone when people browse through pages upon pages of magazines, broadsheets to look for information.

  • In this digital era most of people search for information over the internet.

  • OmnePresent will make search for information whole lot convenient and easier.

Increase Your Conversion Rate With Digital Marketing Services

  • Use of digital marketing services will help you to generate more leads, reach targeted audience and achieve more conversion rate.

  • Reaching your targeted audience at right time will surely help you to convert your leads.

  • OmnePresent will help you to speed-up your conversion rate and generating more leads.

Enable Real-Time Customer Interaction With Digital Marketing Services

  • Real-time response mechanism provided by digital marketing services will have a huge effect on success of your business.

  • Enabling customers with real-time response will help you to understand exact need of your customers.

  • OmnePresent will help you to enable your customers for real time response.

Connect With Your Mobile Consumer With Digital Marketing services

  • Digital marketing services will help you to grab huge mobile market.

  • Do you know mobile marketing increasing more organic traffic than anything else in the marketing.

  • OmnePresent understand that mobile technology is affecting the buying behavior of customers, we help you to reach more customers with mobile technology.