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Content Management System

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  • Content Management System came into discussion in the web development industry because of its benefits

  • It can have multiple meaning depending on the scenarios and the person’s or project objectives

  • It is seen if anyone talk in the industry about Content Management System or Enterprise Management System, he/she is more likely referring one of them

Content Management System: Definition #1

  • Content Management system is an application, that provides

    • potential for multiple users with different permissions level to manage content

    • data or information of a website project

    • application for internet/ intranet

  • Creating, editing, archiving, publishing, collaborating on, reporting, distributing website
    content, data and information refers to managing content

Content Management System: Definition #2

  • Content Management System is a web application that provides capabilities for multiple users with
    different permission levels to manage web page without HTML knowledge

  • Examples of this Application which provides web page editing capabilities are

    • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive web Pages

    • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive articles

    • Create, Edit, Publish, Archive press releases

Enterprise Content Management System

  • When someone talk about enterprise content management system, he/she talk of any of the following

    • A Content Management System application with believable track record designed to serve and support the needs of a large size organisation or a large content management system

    • An application provides a full-scale Content Management System with multiple functionalities, adjusted for a company’s organization and processes

    • It explains processes of organization like organizing and accumulating documents, and other content

Special Discounts

  • There are many third party sites that provides offers for your side, whether you want it or not, customers will use them.

  • Instead, why not create a special discount page and list it into your menu.

  • Whether it’s a 30% off on select items or 10% on whole order, if you give offers on site, the users will definitely use them.

Setting Goals for Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Goals

  • Do your goals set for digital marketing covers all the bases ?

  • A good set of digital marketing goals cover a range of different measures to help set, review and control performance across all digital
    marketing activities

  • Here are 5Ss of digital marketing to check you are covering the whole digital marketing, not just sales

Sell- Increase Sales

  • Begin with your most important transactions which lead to revenue and profits

  • You should increase trust through boosting trust in the online purchase along with free delivery

  • Nowadays, more leads are achieved through online marketing business


  • Make efforts to get close to customers through participation and dialogue

  • Digital channels are communication channels which engage your audience through digital marketing tools

  • Digital channels work best when joined with other channels

  • For reaching and influencing your audience, you must create detailed conversion or budget models


  • Natural places for people to visit and get answers of their questions are:
    ○ The company website
    ○ Social Customer Service

  • You must always pay attention towards quality customer service you offer

  • You also need customer satisfaction goals to assess how you are at customer service and improve further

Save Costs

  • You must show value you gain through online cost savings to reduce service costs save on
    traditional media like print and post

  • It is most relevant to the multichannel retailer or service company who can set goals on number of catalogues downloaded and service transactions


  • Building your brand online is Sizzle

  • Involving sizzle in your digital marketing will really help your sales and speak goals

  • Levels of satisfaction and proposals are key goals of sizzle

  •  So, to deliver sizzle you must invest in social media and community platforms


  • To know you are on the track, you must know where you are heading

  • Setting the right goals for digital marketing is not so easy

  • So, you must make sure that you cover the whole bases of digital marketing through these 5Ss

SEO For Manufacturing Industry

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  • Its a fact that marketing is costly

  • Mass media such as print advertising and magazine costs a lot

  • Television or mainstream media of advertising is too expensive

  • ROI of these traditional marketing strategies is decreasing relative to increasing cost

Steps For SEO Keywords Practices

  • Generate a keyword list that include word phrases related to your business

  • Use Excel Spreadsheet

  • Collect huge data from each word

  • List them within the columns

Search SEO Keywords By Google Keyword Tool

  • Sign up using your Google account

  • Surely add an access for Google analytics, Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords

Steps In Adwords

  • Adwords is aimed to collect paid terms

  • It behaves same as for SEO words

  • No need to Pay Per Click

  • In Google Adwords click Tools and Analysis > Keyword Tool

  •  Enter your keyword list in text box titled Word or Phrase

  • Your list will be sort by Global monthly searches

Steps In Adwords(Continued)

What you want:-

  • Relatively Low competition

  • High monthly searches

  • This is best tool for searching relevant words

  • Enter the data in spreadsheet

  • On the basis of significance, low competition and high monthly searches target the 20 top keywords

Wind Up The Spreadsheet

  • Now to know your actual baseline ranking search your keywords on Google

  • 4th column of your spreadsheet should have position number

  • Google has 10 search results on each page

  • Accordingly determine your position number

  • Don’t count paid results on the top or side of page

Social Media Marketing For Small Business

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  • To save your precious time, Social Media Marketing Companies do researches on social media

  • If you recognize that you have made achievements through online then Social Media Marketing Companies will be your best friend

  • Social Media marketing helps to get more website traffic, improve google rankings and increasing brand
    awareness and profile

6 Tips to use Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Increases your product sell and services

  • The selling relationship before the thrust of social media into e-commerce were listening, solving problems and making of the sale

  • The opportunity to connect with potential customers has increased

    through Social Media Tactics

  • Besides to large companies, OmnePresent also do social media marketing for small businesses

Improve Your customers relationships through Twitter

  • To achieve success on social media is to be on social network where your customers are on

  • Twitter can help you build relationships with customers and connect you with your interested businesses and community

  • You can improve customers relationships even with a small team through Advanced Twitter and Twitter Lists

Increase your drastic reach

  • Advertising on Facebook and Twitter have made companies to increase their reach through targeted ads and sponsored messaging

  • Businesses are given opportunity to reach customers across the world through social media marketing

LinkedIn business page expand your professional network

  • LinkedIn is the most important social network where all businesses, big or small, should have a presence

  • LinkedIn business page covers information based on who, what and where of your business

  • A LinkedIn company page is a free marketing tool and if used correctly, can be a highly effective one

Increase customer support through Facebook Page

  • Providing customer support can be time- consuming and expensive

  • Through Facebook, you can effectively solve customers problems

  • With the availability to post on Facebook wall or send private messages, customers can connect
    directly to companies when they have a problem

Manage your brand’s social media presence

  • To obtain customers’ loyalty, trust is an important element

  • If you want to gain trust from your customers then provide them easy online access to information about your company

  • You will lose opportunity to gain new customers or nurture current relationships if social media presence is ignored


  • It is better to choose a marketing channel that offers the best results with the most advisable resources

  • Social Media Marketing can improve your business with saving your valuable time and resources

  • OmnePresent is the right choice to join to get social media marketing service which provides expected results to their clients

Digital Marketing Company

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  • Digital Marketing is a method through which we can increase the visibility of a company

  • It is among the processes that help the companies build their online presence through mediums like social media, content marketing and so on

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the major elements of Digital Marketing

Reasons Behind People Going Online

  • Evolution of online space has got answers to all our questions

  • Another reason is the usage of smartphones and tablets by the people

Major reasons which make people go online:

○ Create digital connections

○ To educate themselves

○ Research

○ Share

○ For entertainment

Objectives of Digital Marketing

You should focus on following elements of the website:

○ User friendly design

○ Images should be of high quality

○ Fonts and colors should be considered

○ Placement of Images and contents must be strategic ○ Social media integration

○ Contact details should be accurate with google map

Website’s Elements

You should focus on following elements of the website:

○ User friendly design

○ Images should be of high quality

○ Fonts and colors should be considered

○ Placement of Images and contents must be strategic

○ Social media integration

○ Contact details should be accurate with google map

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Specializing for everyone in digital marketing

    is not so easy

  • If you are looking to enhance your digital

    marketing strategy then OmnePresent is the

    best option who is:

    ○ Technical expert

    ○ Ensures conversion rates

    ○ Set targets for SEO and SMO

    ○ Skilled in competitive analysis

    ○ Updated knowledge of market trends

    ○ Value for money

    ○ Expert in assistance of PPC, SEO and SMO professionals


  • Brands are getting more and more customers because of their connections through various digital marketing channels

  • Digital Marketing helps you to get higher revenues

  • OmnePresent is the right choice to help you get compete with large corporations

Guidelines To Hire Right SEO Agency

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  • We know that different types of SEO agency exist

  • As a client, you need to know which type of SEO firm will be suitable for your business

  • OmnePresent is the SEO agency providing various online marketing services to the company

  • Here are few tips for hiring right SEO firm for your business

Tips to hire right SEO firm

Decide as per your need

  • Do you need link removal, PPC management, reputation management, retargeting or one of other 20 services SEO firms frequently offers?

  • Starting figuring out the job is to be done if you are not sure what you need

  • Have a goal in your mind and make that goal the center of communication with the SEO firm

Keep secret of getting multiple consultations

  • Most SEO firms gladly offer a free consultations as they know they have a chance to impress you and win your business

  • At the time when you are being consulted, you will come to know to which firm you would like to work

Get references and case studies

  • If you run a self storage company and you talk to an experienced SEO firm then they will be successful working with your company

  • If you need a generalist SEO firm rather than one focuses exclusively on your industry, get case studies and references from SEO firms of the same businesses

Make the firm tell you stories

  • Tactically, execution is done by a good SEO firm

  • You get a truer vision of what the SEO firm is all about through the stories they will make

  • Ask question to SEO firm about their background, experience, success and failures


  • Setting clear goals, getting multiple bids, examining predictors of the future, and listening to stories will ensure you which SEO firm to hire

  • Be sure that the hired SEO firm must be suitable for your business

  • OmnePresent is the right SEO firm which produces expected results for their clients

Email Marketing for Nonprofits

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  • We generally think of only companies or campaigns having value propositions.

  • For nonprofit companies, communicating the value proposition effectively is necessary for survival.

  • Why should people read your entire email or click through to a landing page?.

Why Value Proposition?

  • In the case of nonprofits, it seems this challenge is stronger, with no promise of a product at the end.

  • This value proposition of action for email marketing answers the question behind why customers should take a specific action when they get your email — click.

  • Once people land on your page, that’s when you give them the reason to take action.


  • To best serve both the charity and the donors, the marketing department needed to communicate the reason that the nonprofit existed and why it needed support, regardless of the number of words.

  • The clearer the message behind the value proposition and the transparency of the urgency in the donation can make a huge impact on the overall success of a campaign.

5 Benefits From Digital Marketing Companies

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  • Digital Marketing Companies help businesses growth with effective SEO and digital marketing campaigns

  • Digital marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumer make purchasing decisions

  • It is seen that number of users use mobile internet to carry out product research before making final decisions

  • OmnePresent enables you to build relations with your customers


  • No need of setting up local outlets for selling goods in any part of the country

  • Without opening a network of distributors in different countries, you can build an export business

  • OmnePresent overcomes your barrier of distance


  • Marketing products online costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlets

  • No need to purchase stock for display in a store

  • Keeping your inventory costs low, you can order stock in line with demand


  • Digital Marketing companies enable you to customize offers to customers through building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences

  • Make targeted offers to prospects visit by tracking their web pages and product that reflect their interests

  • OmnePresent increases the values of sales by customer

Social Media

  • Digital Marketing Companies empower you to take advantage of the growing importance of social media

  • It is seen that the product sales get increase when the customer respond strongly through the influence of social media

  • Take advantage of including social networking tools in your digital marketing campaigns


  • In today’s world of technology, our significant impact on social behaviour depends on digital marketing and social media

  • Solid digital marketing strategy can make any business compete with any competitor

  • So, OmnePresent can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to visit your website

5 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

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  • Social Media Marketing helps you to elevate your audience and customer.

  • It is an essential element for digital business.

  • It also increases site popularity and bring potential customers to our niche area.

  • OmnePresent uses social media marketing as a branding tool to increase
    conversion, sales tracking, page views and add exposure.

5 Major Benefits : Increase brand recognition

  • To introduce people to a brand, social media is an excellent way.

  • As social networks are used by more than two-thirds of the country, social
    media is the perfect channel to promote a brand to potential customers.

Brand legitimization

  • Social media marketing establish a brand as legitimate.

  • People often check their social media page to know more about a particular
    business or retailer they want to use but have little knowledge.

  • A brand existence is through the website but social media page establishes that a brand is active.

Increases Sales

  • Social media marketing helps in increasing sales and revenue.

  • One of the greatest benefits of social media marketing is the ability to target particular audiences.

  • OmnePresent helps their clients to increase sales by targeting right audiences.

Customer service improvement

  • The responsiveness of customer service is one of the key concerns of consumers when they shop online.

  • People want to be assured that they can find help easily, if they have a problem.

  • Customer’s loyalty can be increased by being receptive to their needs.

Distribute content

  • In content marketing distribution system, social media should always be included.

  • Interesting content are seeked by people which they want to share it online.

  • OmnePresent creates relevant and attractive content for their clients.


  • All these points show how social media marketing is a huge benefit for business owners.

  • Social media marketing can increase the bottom line of a business by increasing sales.

  • OmnePresent do social media marketing for their clients business and we do really very well.

5 Digital Marketing Services

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  • In today’s world, it is crucial to succeed in running business online.

  • There are many different types of marketing methods online.

  • OmnePresent works with an inbound marketing approach that ties multiple digital marketing services together.

Important Digital Marketing Services : SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • It is the process you use to get your site to show up on search engines like Google and Bing.

  • For high traffic, every business wants to have a high ranking presence in the search engines.

  • It is not easy to rank high on Google but OmnePresent can make your presence into high search engine rankings.


  • These days, a key component for an online presence is blogging.

  • Through blogging you can demonstrate your knowledge and capability in your area of expertise and to gain a reputation as an authority.

  • Quality blogging allows you to give answers to the people they are looking for.

Social Media

  • These days, almost everyone uses social media.

  • Social media is important and having a social media strategy is just as important as everything else.

  • Though you can have a social media presence but OmnePresent can increase your existence to people through likes and shares.

Email Marketing

  • For email marketing, there are many different strategies.

  • It has become an important way to stay in touch with customers and promote new offerings.

  • You can nurture leads by providing additional links and information through successful email marketing.

Website Optimization

  • In the end, digital marketing activities will lead to your website.

  • Your website must provide relevant information to people which will help them to move forward in the information or purchasing process.

  • OmnePresent empower nurture leads for their clients.


  • If your company is just starting out or small you must know these aspects of digital marketing services.

  • Suitable digital marketing services can make any business compete with any competitor.

  • OmnePresent works with an inbound marketing approach that ties multiple digital marketing services together.