Software Test Engineer

Designation: Software Testing

Experience: 2 to 3 Years

Job Location: Pune (Hybrid)


  • For onboarding, you will have to sign a 2.5 years’ service agreement with the company.

Job description:

  • Experience in designing and building Selenium Test Automation

  • Strong expertise and hands-on work experience in Selenium Automation

  • Analyzing the technical characteristics of the software components including the base technology database design connectivity flow & front user interface

  • Creation of test plans & development of test bed

  • Monitoring & tracking errors/bugs in the system and continuous communication of the same with the software development team

  • Helping with bug detection and fixing

  • Conducting product testing after its presentation

  • Testing and analyzing the results from the process level & user interface level

  • Collaborating on quality assurance & product improvement within the team

  • Analyze the system specification

  • Contribute to the test plan creation

  • Prepare test scenarios

  • Document test cases

  • Collected test data

  • Create test batches

  • Perform test cases

  • Report defects

  • Track defects

  • Perform regression testing

  • Alter test cases and repeat the process

Required Skills:

  • Completed specialized education, including a bachelor’s degree in information technologies or a similar field.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Software testing tools creation of test plans/test beds.

  • Basic knowledge of any programming languages like C++, C#, JAVA etc preferable.

  • Knowledge of database design structures queries execution for MySQL Postgresql Databases.

  • Ability to operate command line interfaces for deep level debugging for both Windows Linux based operating systems.

  • Good active communication/bug reporting skills.

  • Ability to test Web based as well as Desktop based applications.

  • Understanding of Chrome Devtools for tracking debugging errors of web-based application client/server.

  • Ability to design logical data flow diagrams using advanced tools.

  • Knowledge of MS PowerPoint, Excel word.

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