OmnePresent and Mendix lay a strong foundation

OmnePresent and Mendix lay a strong foundation to democratize innovation through low-code technologies

OmnePresent, a leading low-code service provider, and Mendix, a global leader in low-code platforms, recently came together to organize an event. The agenda was to discuss the future of low-code technology for accelerated app development.

The pandemic has been a game-changer in how businesses conduct their operations. The need for robust and scalable apps for various services is at an all-time high. A low-code platform like Mendix, fortunately, bridges the gap.

But how do organizations make the best use of low-code technology? What measures should they take to accelerate digital transformation within their operations? How will their workforce align with the change? Experts from OmnePresent and Mendix share their valuable insights on these pressing questions.

Why is innovation the need of the hour in app development

The mobile app market is likely to grow by $653.91 billion between 2021 and 2025 at a CAGR of 21%. Mobile apps are undeniably the torchbearers of innovation in the digital space. Businesses need to put their best foot forward to create apps that comprehensively solve user problems.

But the problem gets compounded as software and technologies come with a limited lifespan. There is a short time for organizations to innovate with new offerings. So, how do they overcome this problem?

Minimizing the app development time helps overcome this problem and launch apps faster. Businesses can also keep pace with the competition by creating a better portfolio of apps with advanced features. It ultimately leads to better positioning in the market. A stable architecture allows swift incremental changes that also improve the user experience.

Why low-code for process automation makes sense?

Low-code automation is a revolutionary concept that helps anyone build apps even with basic coding knowledge. Users can also create workflows and processes in no time. It is a better approach than back-end computer programming that has its disadvantages.

Low-code platforms offer a visual approach that makes app development a seamless task. Users get pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop interfaces that aid the rapid creation of apps. Reusability of components is another striking aspect that helps shorten the creation time.

Developers no longer have to write extensive codes to build apps. They can furthermore digitize and automate their entire app development process.

What makes Mendix a gamechanger in low-code technology?

Mendix is an ideal platform to overcome the traditional coding complexities that slow down the app development process. Here are several reasons why.

  • Unmatched time-to-valueBusinesses can launch apps rapidly without additional support. The development toolkit, visual interfaces, and reusable components improve developers’ productivity. These additionally lead to better collaboration and improved decision-making across teams.
  • Scaling at easeBusinesses can create everything like automation apps and even modernize their systems. All of these can happen with lean budgets as well. These solutions remain scalable on the cloud-native architecture.
  • Revamp app developmentMendix helps overcome silos to create better collaboration across the enterprise. Developers can rapidly contribute to the app development process. The platform’s agility also keeps them open to changing customer preferences.

How anyone can build web and mobile apps with Mendix

The visual approach of Mendix makes it suitable for everyone to create web and mobile apps. Mendix Studio supports citizen developers who do not have advanced coding knowledge. The Pro version is ideal for professional developers.

Browser-based app development is ideal for citizen developers to co-create solutions. The WYSIWYG environment is also suitable for beginners to ideate and create apps hassle-free. These developers can add modern integrations and complex logic to build apps that suit enterprise needs.

Here are some additional features of the Mendix platform that enable the seamless development of apps.

  • CollaborationEveryone from developers to stakeholders can collaborate on the platform. It is intuitive and easy to use for anyone without experience.
  • Agile ManagementThe platform’s agility makes it easy to manage the app development process.
  • Team DevelopmentParticipants in the app development process can be from any background. There is no fear of technical debts or related risks. The version control function helps the easy reconciliation of activities of multiple teams.
  • Feedback ManagementDevelopers can gather feedback from stakeholders at the development stage and from users post the launch of the app. It helps them iterate continuously and make changes live rapidly for improved user experience.

About OmnePresent

OmnePresent is a trusted Mendix partner that has transformed hundreds of businesses in their digital journeys. Our services cover business process automation, hyper-automation, data migration, and business intelligence. We leverage the unmatched potential of Mendix to enable migration from legacy systems to modern, low-code methods. Businesses working with OmnePresent overcome issues like speed, efficacy, agility, budget, and scalability.

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