How to Boost Your Team’s & Process Efficiency with AI Powered Low-Code Platform

How to Boost Your Team’s & Process Efficiency with AI Powered Low-Code Platform

While business demands are transforming the discipline of BPM, the technology supporting it has been revolutionized by a replacement software class: called low-code development platforms.

The nature of low-code platforms, which enable non-technical users to model business processes and make applications employing a graphical interface, means organizations can push both BPM and automation activities closer to where they need them the most.

What is a Low-Code Platform?

Low-code is in focus due to its high speed of developing applications. It resorts to visual development that abstracts and automates every step of the appliance development lifecycle, to reduce the complexity and time needed to deliver custom applications.

Low-code development platforms specialize in driving innovation sooner. Low-code app development platform allows teams and business users to create more applications in less time than traditional coding technologies (Java, .NET, PHP, etc.).

Mendix – A Leading Low-Code Platform

Mendix is a low-code platform that permits you to create and improve mobile and web applications. Mendix is a highly productive app platform that allows you to go live sooner and obtain success faster.

It offers both no-code and low-code tooling in one single integrated platform. It provides tools to create, test, deploy, and iterate applications.

Benefits of Using Mendix

Benefits of using mendix

Easy to use – Users don’t require knowledge of software development. It’s easy to push the knowledge with low-code and will be used throughout the business, without counting on skilled software developers.

Saves Costs – Costs are often saved on initial training, and money doesn’t need to be spent on hiring skilled developers who demand for top salary.

Easy Integrations – Mendix platforms simplify integration with existing systems and support the creation of APIs to fill generation of apps.

Great UX by Default – With Mendix, you’ll design from cards, pre-defined templates, or import existing designs.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is associated with the similar task of using computers to know human intelligence and behavior, but AI doesn’t get to confuse itself with methods that are biologically observable.

Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence

Reduction in Human Error: Generally humans make mistakes and computers don’t if they’re programmed properly. With AI, the alternatives are taken from the previously gathered information applying a selected set of algorithms. So errors are reduced and thus the prospect of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision could even be an opportunity.

Helpful for Repetitive Jobs: We perform a plethora of mundane, repetitive tasks on a daily basis, like sending emails, checking documents for errors, and more. With AI, we can automate these tasks and can even remove boring tasks for humans.

Digital Assistance: There are quite advanced digital assistants employed by organizations to interact with users which save the necessity for human resources and time also.

How Do I Improve Team Efficiency with an AI Powered Low-Code Platform?

There are several ways to enhance your team efficiency with AI powered low-code platform:

Clarify roles and tasks: It is vital to possess meetings alongside your team members one-on-one, to talk about the priorities and expectations for his or her roles. First of all, describe the very best two or three high-priority tasks you’d like them to specialize in. At the same time, help them understand the quality of the work you’re expecting.

Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses: Every person is talented in one way or another, which can be put into good use. It’s up to the manager to recognize those talents and allocate tasks to them accordingly.

Good work environment: The healthy work environment and infrastructure are main contributors in improving team efficiency and productivity. Thanks to this, many organizations are listening while designing their office interiors. They make sure to incorporate bright lighting, comfortable furniture layout and slightly nature with the help of plants and flowers.

Lead with gratitude, and share yours regularly: An attitude of gratitude goes an extended way at the office. Be impressed by the efforts and ideas of the people you work with, and don’t just keep that admiration to yourself. Recognize your team members’ accomplishments either personally or publicly, and determine how everyone likes to be recognized.

Prioritize well-being: To encourage your team to bring their whole selves to work, we have to form a neighborhood to speak to the whole person. Short reminders to breathe, get mindful, and focus are superb because they hack the work day and encourage perspective, calm, and creativity.

Give one another feedback: There’s no place for boosting employee efficiency if they don’t know they are being inefficient at the primary place. This encourages the culture of open dialogue which can make future collaborations easier than before.


With Mendix as a low-code platform it becomes very easy to increase productivity of your teams as well as process efficiency. Get in touch with OmnePresent to discuss transformational initiatives for your organization.

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