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10 Ways Automated Chatbots Can Transform Your Customer Service

10 Ways Automated Chatbots Can Transform Your Customer Service

October 08, 2020
6 minute read

With the pressure to increase revenue and reduce costs while providing better customer service, businesses are turning their focus to artificial intelligence. In fact, according to Forrester, within the next 6-12 months, 75% of organizations will have an AI initiative in course. This means businesses can excite their customers when adopting a new chatbot.

The reason is simple: more than ever, AI is becoming a competitive strategy advantage by helping companies:

1. Automating business processes and, thus, increasing efficiency:

Chatbots are more than just the “wave of the future” in customer service. They will be in “here and now,” allowing vendors more opportunities than ever to engage with customers in new and different ways and most importantly, to fulfil their goals more efficiently.

2. Lower costs:

Implementing virtual agents or chatbots can help businesses to save money. Chatbots lower costs up to 50% due to the increased productivity and personalized experiences in the way customers interact with your business.

3. Less traffic, more support:

Rather than having individuals respond to very specific needs, companies are using chatbots with AI-infused technology to answer the most common questions of users and, thus, decreasing the traffic to other support channels.

4. Engaging with customers:

Today’s customers believe in immediate experiences; they don’t want to fill out a form to put in a request when asking for simple information. They like to have faster results and with chatbots, you can give your customers feedback in a very conversational or a friendly way.

5. Personify your brand:

With the flexibility of chatbots, you give a chance to engage your customers on many different levels. Chatbots can act as the customer’s primary resource for technical support, account management, or sales information. They can help personify your brand as messaging apps could play a huge role in customer service, feedback and experience with their precise and technical to friendly and helpful to the snarky and humorous conversation.

6. Facilitate e-commerce:

Chatbots and the E-commerce business can open a new channel for selling the products online. Chatbots or automated personal assistants will easily bridge the gap of personalization that customers face in online shopping and give them a satisfactory experience.

7. Create opportunities for services integration:

Bots offer brands and marketers unparalleled opportunities for services integration, which, in return, enhances their customer experience (CX).

8. Boost in lead generation:

Chatbots is designed in a way to gather user-centric information like their purchase behaviour, preferences, likes, and dislikes. This user-centric behaviour then helps in creating customized marketing messages. As chatbots interact with consumers, answer their queries, and give information about discounts, they also notify them whenever there are any exclusive promotions. This type of conversation initiated by chatbots helps to generate and convert leads to sales and sales into profits with the fine-tuned marketing strategies.

9. Chatbot as a social media marketing tool:

At times, it becomes difficult for a customer care representative to respond to all the queries posted on the social media platform. As chatbots can interact well with users, they can be integrated with social media platforms to draw user’s information through Artificial Intelligence.

10. 24/7 customer service:

You never know when your customers might need you. The queries might arise out of business hours or when the customer service staff is unavailable. So chatbots help companies solve such issues by responding to customer’s questions at any time.

So the problem is, these conversational interfaces like chatbots are still hard to implement effectively and reliably when dealing with different data sources. Therefore to do so, you need skilled and knowledgeable developers that are not only expensive but also hard to find.

To help companies surpass the challenge that it is to build chatbots and improve customer service, Low-Code can play an important role.

Especially since the pandemic has put pressure on businesses to digitize their services and workflows, chatbots have been gaining more and more attraction. So what is your take on chatbots?

If you’re interested to learn more about chatbots and understand the exact steps to build Intelligent chatbots using Low-Code, schedule a demo with our team.




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