Social Media Goals

  • It’s important to take a look at their business goals,objectives and key results for organization

  • This helps to work toward meeting and impacting the company’s overall goals

  • The social media goals are often around increasing engagement and traffic to your site

  • This helps to grow community and improving customer service

Engagement Metrics

  • Organizations should know how to use social media to reach goals for their organization

  • The social engagement can impact the business by increasing traffic, growing brand awareness, talking with community members, showing your voice

  • But engagement is not as simple as, followers

How To Track Engagement Rate

  • You can determine the engagement rate per follower, per channel, you can then work to improve those rates

  • If organization improves the engagement rate,the traffic to the site from social has probably increased

How To Report Social Engagement

  • You need to use the social engagement information to help meet your organization’s social goals

  • The reporting should be such a way that shows performance over time and helps everyone understand what’s going on from a social perspective

Action Plan For Community

  • The first thing to do is create a community action plan

  • Create action plan for community is a quick and easy way to see reach your goals at any given time

  • Action plan shows us how we’re doing against our goals

Use Emails

  • The organization can also send out a monthly email to the entire staff which shows their engagement rates

  • Emails can also shows traffic from the social channels, as well as a few other community metrics

What To Do Next?

  • Capturing the data is the easy part, the tough part is to do actual work with it

  • Determine when to make changes, what works, and what doesn’t work

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