#1 Redesign Your Blog

  • Blog must be visually appealing.

  • Blog should be easy to navigate by topic, date or author.

  • Promote your offers in smarter way.

  • Interact with your subscriber by using social media.

#2 Make Banner Area Visually Appealing

  • Promote new and popular articles in banner area.

  • Give opportunity to your readers to explore newest and popular articles in minimum time.

  • High resolution images will help you to promote best articles in your blog.

#3 Put CTA button at both top and bottom of the page

  • CTA button increase conversion opportunity.

  • CTA should be boldly calls out the visitors.

  • Use custom module for it.

#4 Make Easy Sub-Menus

  • Different visitors comes for different topics.

  • Create sub-menu for all the topic you write.

  • Categorized sub-menu will help readers to find topic more quickly.

#5 Make Grid Layout Of Blog

  • Vertical tiled blogs create confus in reading.

  • Generic list styling and disorganization will increase bounce rate.

  • Grid layout helps to quickly browse all blogs.

#6 Minimize CTA’s Through Out The Blog

  • Visitors may get confuse if there are so many CTAs in the blog.

  • Minimize the number of promotions from the main page.

  • Put your CTAs and offers at bottom of the page.

#7 Update Author Page

  • Feedback always helps to make good changes.

  • Update latest information about author helps to gather more visitors.


  • These strategies will helps to increase in blog listing page views.

  • These strategies will also increase in blog subscription.

  • Improvement in every category will surely set out effect.

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